FIA tougher stance will catch F1 cost cap cheats, says Wolff

Autosport recently reported that the FIA, the governing body of motor racing F1. It has intensified its investigations into teams’ compliance with the cost cap regulations. FIA representatives have been visiting teams to scrutinize their cost cap figures. Some teams have received questionnaires with over 100 inquiries, seeking clarification on their expenditure. Additionally, the FIA has started examining teams’ involvement in non-F1 activities. That is prompted by concerns that teams may be utilizing these activities to fund projects.

The increased scrutiny follows the issuance of a technical directive. TD45, which specifies that any intellectual property transfer from a team’s non-F1 operations to their Formula 1 teams must fall within the cost cap limits. There were suspicions that teams were leveraging non-F1 resources. To gain performance advantages without accounting for them in the F1 cost cap.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff acknowledged the demanding nature of the FIA’s cost cap compliance checks. He expressed appreciation for the thoroughness and diligence of the audit process, despite its challenges. Wolff commended the FIA’s efforts to enforce the cost cap regulations, citing the numerous detailed questions posed to teams during the audit as evidence of the FIA’s commitment to monitoring compliance.

Wolff clarified that Mercedes had not faced any repercussions due to TD45. He emphasized the transparency of their organization, stating that all their activities, including non-F1 ventures like the America’s Cup, are conducted by a single entity. Mercedes has maintained openness by not establishing subsidiaries or cross-shareholdings, and they have made all relevant information available to the FIA for scrutiny. Wolff expressed hope that Mercedes’ approach could serve as a positive example for other teams in terms of compliance with the cost cap regulations.

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