FIA President Urges Andretti to Purchase Existing F1 Team

The president of Formula 1’s governing body, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, has advised Andretti to acquire an existing team rather than initiating their own entry into the sport.

Andretti’s proposal to join F1 in either 2025 or 2026 faced rejection from commercial rights holders Liberty Media. However, a potential entry in 2028 remains a possibility.

While Ben Sulayem had previously supported Andretti’s venture, he emphasized the importance of quality over quantity, suggesting that bolstering existing teams would be more beneficial.

“I would advise them to go and buy another team, not to come as the 11th team,” stated Ben Sulayem. He stressed the need for strong teams rather than simply increasing the number of participants.

Existing F1 Team

Although Ben Sulayem didn’t specify which teams could be targeted for acquisition, Alpine and Haas emerged as potential options. However, insiders reveal that neither Alpine nor Haas show interest in selling.

Andretti’s bid has stirred controversy, with owner Michael Andretti aggressively pursuing entry into F1. His persistence has garnered opposition from various quarters within the sport.

The recent dispute escalated when six US senators called for an anti-trust inquiry against F1 due to the rejection of Andretti’s bid.

General Motors, supporting Andretti’s endeavor, aims to develop its engine to facilitate entry into F1 by 2028.

Ben Sulayem expressed confidence that Formula 1 Management and Liberty would welcome new teams, particularly those associated with car manufacturers.


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