Ferrari ‘CIVIL WAR’ brewing as Leclerc slams Sainz team

There is a potential conflict emerging within the Ferrari team following Charles Leclerc comments after the British Grand Prix. Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz had a disagreement during qualifying regarding the order in which they would go out on track. Typically, this order is predetermined and alternates between races. However, with Sainz at risk of elimination at one point. He decided to change the order by overtaking Leclerc in the pit lane. While everyone was queuing to get on track.

The correct order was restored before the final corner of the out laps. But Sainz expressed his displeasure over the team radio, feeling more vulnerable to elimination than Leclerc. Leclerc, on the other hand, stated that the pit lane incident was expected. Since the team always aims to get the cars out at the same time for better management. He acknowledged that they were tight on time during the session. It was difficult to determine if they would start their flying laps before the session ended.

he said.

“What you asked me to do there is a bit unfair, it made me lose the temperature of the tyres. Plus I’m more at risk. I’m fourth, he’s third,”

Leclerc admitted that Sainz’s decision to overtake was not ideal and would be discussed internally. However, he believed that it had no impact on the qualifying outcome and did not consider it a problem. He also expressed frustration with Sainz’s radio team, describing them as useless in providing crucial information during such high-pressure moments.

In summary, tensions are rising within the Ferrari team due to the disagreement between Leclerc and Sainz during qualifying at the British Grand Prix. Leclerc downplayed the incident’s significance but acknowledged the need for discussion, while Sainz expressed his dissatisfaction over feeling more vulnerable to elimination.

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