F1 News: Lewis Hamilton’s Racing Focus Questioned 

Two-time World Champion Mika Hakkinen recently discussed Lewis Hamilton’s current dedication to F1 racing. The British driver, who is currently 38 years old, may not be as dedicated to the sport as he once was, according to Hakkinen. He also wonders if he still has the stamina to take on George Russell, his youthful teammate who is on the rise. 

Hamilton’s professional path has been the focus of a lot of speculative discussion. However, recent sources claim that he is about to extend his contract with Mercedes as a result of discussions with team principal Toto Wolff before the Canadian Grand Prix. 

According to the speculation, Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes will only be extended by one year, with the possibility of an additional year if his performance warrants it. He will also be receiving a pay reduction from his prior $55 million-per-year contract. 

While this rumour focuses on his commitment to Mercedes, some question if the seven-time champion would instead switch to the Scuderia, searching for greater performance at Ferrari for his eighth championship. These allegations have been refuted by him and Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur, yet the notion still stands. 

George Russell, a gifted driver, posing a tough challenge for Hamilton, brings no surprise, and Mercedes must be thrilled with their selection of drivers.

Their exclusive attention is now on the W14, which will receive additional improvements in time for the British Grand Prix at the storied Silverstone track. 

On the other hand, Hamilton’s attention fluctuates between competing and a number of other tasks. He will be thinking about all of his numerous investments, racing teams, charities, and even movies. Where does racing fit into his list of responsibilities, as Hakkinen wondered? We probably won’t ever find out. 

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