Earthquake in Naples a few hours before Real Madrid match

An earthquake unexpectedly disrupted Real Madrid’s stay in Naples on Monday night, particularly affecting the Campi Flegrei area, a volcanic caldera located 9 kilometers from the city center. This seismic event even led to some residents taking to the streets in response to the ground shaking.

Miguel Angel Toribio, a journalist from Radio MARCA, described the experience as “four seconds of tremors that felt like drilling.” Toribio was in a hotel near the Diego Armando Maradona stadium at the time of the earthquake. Another MARCA journalist was on duty near Real Madrid’s hotel when the earthquake occurred.

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Fortunately, Carlo Ancelotti’s team was staying at a hotel in downtown Naples, which was not in the most affected area.

At 10:10 p.m., residents in various neighborhoods of Naples felt the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 4 and a depth of 2.61 kilometers.. It was the second most powerful earthquake in the region in the last 40 years, following one on September 27th, which had a magnitude of 4.2.

The tremors extended beyond Naples and reached Salerno, a city located 50 kilometers south of Naples, where Real Madrid was scheduled to play on Tuesday.

The Vesuviano observatory recorded eight additional earthquakes within the 15 minutes following the initial quake.

As of now, authorities have not reported any significant damage to property or injuries. However, as shown in some images on ‘Fanpage,’ there were reports of falling debris in the Agnano area.


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