Cardinals reportedly were unhappy that DeAndre Hopkins sat out last two weeks of 2023

The decision by the Cardinals to release high-end receiver DeAndre Hopkins without compensation may leave some fans questioning the rationale behind it. According to Kyle Odegard, a former team member, Hopkins upset certain individuals within the Cardinals organization by choosing to sit out the final two games of the 2022 season despite being healthy. This action could have created a contentious situation had Hopkins remained with the team until the trade deadline.

However, it is important to consider that Hopkins may not have desired to stay with the Cardinals in the first place, and his decision to sit out was unrelated to any potential dissatisfaction within the organization. The fact that there is now a new coaching staff and general manager in Arizona further diminishes the relevance of the previous incident. The new regime likely would not have been concerned about Hopkins’ absence during the final games of a non-competitive season.

If Hopkins was indeed capable of playing in those games, the team did not seem to mind perpetuating the notion of his injury. Former coach Kliff Kingsbury even stated that Hopkins might have been able to play had the game held significance, describing the knee injury as a lingering issue and emphasizing caution.

The reality is that star players often opt to sit out late-season games that hold no meaning, especially when their salary for the following season is uncertain. While it is possible that some individuals within the organization were genuinely upset with Hopkins’ decision, their discontent only adds to the existing dysfunction within the team.

A simpler explanation could be that the Cardinals needed a justification for parting ways with Hopkins beyond the financial aspect of his contract, particularly if he goes on to make a significant impact with another team. Therefore, it appears that they are willing to cast unfounded blame on Hopkins as they bid him farewell.

According to reports, the Cardinals were dissatisfied with DeAndre Hopkins’ absence during the final two weeks of the 2023 season. This news was initially shared by Pro Football Talk and suggests that the team is trying to find a reason to release Hopkins other than financial considerations.

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