Controversial Call Costs Bangladesh: Hridoy Blasts ICC Umpiring

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In a nail-biting ICC T20 World Cup match, Bangladesh fell short against South Africa, losing by just four runs. South Africa defended a meager 113/6, making history by securing qualification to the Super 8 stage. However, the spotlight shifted to umpiring controversies that left Bangladesh players and fans fuming.

Bangladesh’s chase ended at 109/7, with the decisive moment revolving around veteran Mahmudullah Riyad’s contentious LBW decision. Initially given out by on-field umpire Sam Nogajski, the decision was overturned upon review. Yet, according to ICC rules, leg-bye runs scored during a review do not count, nullifying four crucial runs that could have altered the outcome.

Bangladesh’s young batter, Towhid Hridoy, didn’t hold back his frustration. “To be honest, that wasn’t a good call. It was a tight match. Those four runs would have changed the scenario,” Hridoy remarked, highlighting the fine margins in cricket.


Hridoy also pointed out other dubious umpiring decisions, such as missed wides. “In a low-scoring match, one or two runs make a big difference. We had two or three wides that weren’t given. There’s room for improvement in these areas,” he added.

The ICC’s rule that negates leg-byes during an overturned LBW call drew significant criticism. Hridoy diplomatically stated, “The rule is not in my hands, but those four runs were very important for us. Umpires are human and can make mistakes.”

This incident underscores the need for more precise umpiring and possibly a review of the current rules. For Bangladesh, the sting of this loss remains sharp, as the missed runs and questionable calls will be debated long after the match.

The players now face a critical juncture, needing to bounce back from this controversial defeat to keep their World Cup hopes alive.

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