Chiefs’ Rashee Rice, Teddy Knox Face $10 Million Lawsuit After Dallas Car Crash

Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Rashee Rice and SMU’s cornerback Teddy Knox find themselves embroiled in a legal battle following a car crash in Dallas, Texas. The lawsuit, seeking damages of at least $10 million, was filed by Edvard Petrovskiy and Irina Gromova, who claim to have suffered severe injuries in the collision.

Reports indicate that the crash, involving six vehicles, occurred on a bustling Dallas freeway last month. Allegedly, a Lamborghini Urus, believed to be driven by Rice, was traveling at 119 mph before the collision, while a Chevrolet Corvette, allegedly driven by Knox, was clocked at 116 mph.

Both Rice and Knox, along with their passengers, fled the scene of the accident. Rice surrendered to the authorities and faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault and collision involving serious bodily injury. In a statement released on April 3, Rice took full responsibility for his actions, expressing regret for the incident and pledging cooperation with the authorities.

The lawsuit filed by Petrovskiy and Gromova highlights the severity of the injuries sustained, including brain trauma and internal bleeding. While two drivers received treatment for minor injuries at a local hospital, others were attended to by Dallas Fire Rescue at the crash site.

Rashee Rice, a standout from SMU and now a key player for the Chiefs, faces legal repercussions stemming from the accident. The incident casts a shadow over his promising career, which includes a Super Bowl victory with the Chiefs in 2023. As the legal proceedings unfold, both Rice and Knox await further developments in the case.


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