Chandler Parsons Takes a Swipe at Pacers’ ECF Run

Chandler Parsons isn’t holding back. The former NBA forward is questioning the legitimacy of the Indiana Pacers’ recent run to the Eastern Conference Finals, suggesting their success was more about luck than skill. Parsons, joined by Lou Williams, believes the Pacers capitalized on other teams being crippled by injuries.

“The Pacers got a free pass,” Parsons said bluntly. “They didn’t face any fully healthy squads. Tyrese Haliburton and his crew should thank the injury gods.”

It’s hard to ignore the numbers. The Pacers finished second in the In-Season Tournament and then got swept 4-0 by Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics in the Conference Finals. Critics like Parsons see this as proof that Indiana’s journey was more about their opponents’ misfortunes than their own prowess.


Haliburton, the Pacers’ rising star, has voiced his own frustrations about injuries impacting their performance. Yet, Parsons and his panel argue that the Pacers’ deep playoff run was a direct result of facing teams with key players sidelined or running on empty.

“Their path was easier,” added Williams. “They didn’t have to deal with top players at their peak. That’s a huge advantage.”

The debate doesn’t end here. The discussion will likely shift towards the broader impact of injuries on playoff success. Should injuries be a major factor when evaluating a team’s performance? Parsons’ comments have certainly ignited this conversation.

“The bottom line is,” Parsons concluded, “we need to consider how much a fully healthy roster would change playoff outcomes. The Pacers got lucky this time.”

Future seasons will reveal if the Pacers can replicate their success against healthier, more formidable opponents. Until then, the asterisk next to their 2023 ECF run remains in the eyes of critics like Parsons.


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