Bronny James’ Agent Sends a Clear Message to the Lakers

Bronny James’ decision to enter the NBA Draft has sparked speculation about a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers, where his father LeBron James currently plays. However, Bronny’s agent, Rich Paul, wants to set the record straight.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Paul emphasized that Bronny’s draft selection shouldn’t be influenced by his father’s team. “The Lakers need to look at Bronny like everyone else,” Paul stated firmly. “If they value him enough and he’s there, that’s great. If it’s not the Lakers, that’s great. I won’t be mad if it’s not.”

Paul dismissed the notion that Bronny’s draft prospects are tied to playing alongside his father. “It’s obvious that people hear the conversation around the dad and son playing together, but that’s not our focus,” he asserted. “If it happens organically, great. I’m not building on that.”

Bronny James

Acknowledging Bronny’s talent, Paul tempered expectations, noting that he’s still developing. “I’m not putting unrealistic expectations on Bronny. He’s far from a finished product,” he explained. “But he has a hell of a start. He’s positioned well.”

Paul’s message is clear: while Bronny’s connection to LeBron might draw attention, his draft status should be based solely on his merit and potential. Whether or not the Lakers choose him remains to be seen, but Paul’s stance underscores Bronny’s independence and the importance of his own journey in the NBA Draft.


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