US Open 2023: Ben Shelton reaches to semi-final against Djokovic

Ben Shelton reaches to semi-final, 20, becomes the youngest American man to reach a U.S. Open semifinal since Andy Roddick in 2003.

There was a time when a U.S Open quarterfinal match between two big-hitting American men might fair be alluded to as “tennis”. Instead of as a memorable night for the sport in this country.

Usually the way the domestic Grand Slam competition would continuously be for the nation that has won the Davis Cup. The team occasion challenged by a few countries, more than any other. But it wasn’t that way, not for 18 a long time, and after that on Tuesday night, two young Black men, Frances Tiafoe and Ben Shelton, made it so once more.

Shelton, the capable lefty whose serves, at about 150 miles per hour, and 112 m.p.h. forehands have gotten to be the buzz of the competition, was right almost that. When it was over Shelton had won, 6-2, 3-6, 7-6 (7), 6-2.

Shelton struck early, playing the first set like a free, midcareer professional who had done this some time recently. His arm whipping serves and forehands as Tiafoe showed up tight and messy. Giving up two benefit breaks and doing much of Shelton’s work for him.

Tiafoe had said 

“Ben has wanted to play me at the Open for a long time. Make him play a lot of balls, just try to make it a really tough night for him.”

The match turned on a significant third-set tiebreaker. A teeter-totter fight that Shelton was on the skirt of cruising through some time recently hitting two sequential twofold deficiencies. All of a sudden Tiafoe, who had given up control of the set some recreations some time recently, was on the slope once more.

Excepting an injury or a few other misfortune. Shelton is likely to have bounty of minutes just like the one that happened following. With Tiafoe a point absent from taking a two-sets-to-one lead.

Next up is Novak Djokovic, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, in the semifinals on Friday, Shelton said.

“Doesn’t get any better than that.”
“Sometimes you just have to shut off the brain, close your eyes and just swing. Left it all out there tonight, emotional battle.”

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