Arik Armstead’s Departure from the 49ers: Justified Disrespect?

The San Francisco 49ers’ request for Arik Armstead to take a significant pay cut has stirred controversy, with Armstead expressing feeling “disrespected” by the offer. But is his reaction warranted?

The proposed deal would have slashed Armstead’s salary from $18 million to a mere $6 million, with incentives potentially bumping it up to $8 million. This substantial reduction understandably left Armstead feeling undervalued.

His decision to seek release and subsequently sign a lucrative deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, earning $17 million annually in a tax-friendly state, underscores the extent of his discontent with the 49ers’ proposal.

In assessing Armstead’s stance, it’s crucial to acknowledge the business dynamics at play. While the 49ers’ aim to alleviate salary cap constraints is understandable, the magnitude of the proposed cut—two-thirds of his original salary—seems excessive.


While recognizing the NFL as a business, it’s evident that Armstead’s perceived value didn’t align with the 49ers’ offer. Asking for a reduction to around $12 million would have been more reasonable given Armstead’s impact on the field, albeit with concerns about his health.

Comparatively, the salary gap between Armstead and his teammate Javon Kinlaw’s earnings with the New York Jets further underscores the disparity in compensation.

Ultimately, Armstead’s decision to bet on himself and secure a more favorable deal highlights the complexities of player-team negotiations in the NFL.

While the 49ers’ intentions may have been pragmatic, the execution left much to be desired, leading to Armstead’s departure in pursuit of a more equitable arrangement.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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