12 MLB teams deliver scoring onslaught not seen in 129 years

12 MLB teams offensive barrage in Tuesday’s round of games was unprecedented in 129 years.

For the first time in Major League Baseball history, three games finished 11-10 on the same day. With the double-digit scoring from twelve different clubs. In those games, the New York Mets defeated the Chicago White Sox, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds. The Kansas City Royals narrowly defeated the Detroit Tigers.

Against the Washington Nationals, the Chicago Cubs scored 17 runs, and the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Atlanta Braves 16-13.

The final score was 10-3 in favor’s of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Minnesota Twins. The Pittsburgh Pirates were defeated 10-1 by the Cleveland Guardians.

The last time this occurred was on May 30, 1884. This marked a significant event, as 12 teams with double-digit runs aligned, resulting in the second-most impressive match-up in MLB history.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it is only behind the 13 teams who scored double digits on July 4, 1884.

The Giants and Reds finished their game after bad weather caused its postponement on Monday night.

On May 30, 1884, there were 24 games played. At the time, there were three main leagues: National League, American Association and the Union Association. The National League featured 12 teams on July 4, 1884. Therefore the fact, each team played two games that day.

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