Mastering the Chicago Marathon: Your 2023 Training Plan and Tips

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The Chicago Marathon, renowned as one of the world’s premier marathons, draws athletes from across the globe for its flat and fast course, enthusiastic crowds, and the backdrop of the beautiful Windy City. If you’re considering participating in the 2023 Chicago Marathon, you’ll want to be thoroughly prepared.

This comprehensive guide offers you a meticulously crafted 18-week training plan and valuable tips to ensure your success on race day.

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Chicago Marathon Training Plan: Building the Foundation

Week 1: Getting Started

  • Monday: Rest – Begin your journey with a well-deserved day of rest to let your body recover.
  • Tuesday: Easy run for 3 miles – Kickstart your training with a comfortable 3-mile run to get your muscles moving.
  • Wednesday: Cross-training or strength training – Incorporate cross-training or strength training to enhance your overall fitness.
  • Thursday: Easy run for 3 miles – Continue with another 3-mile run to build endurance.
  • Friday: Cross-training or strength training – Focus on strength and conditioning to prepare your body for the upcoming challenges.
  • Saturday: Long run for 4 miles – Push your limits with a longer run to gradually increase your stamina.
  • Sunday: Rest – Allow your body to recuperate after a week of training.

Week 2: Introducing Speed

  • Monday: Easy run for 3 miles – Ease into the week with another 3-mile run.
  • Tuesday: Speed workout – Take on a challenging speed workout to improve your pace and performance.
  • Wednesday: Easy run for 3 miles – Maintain consistency with a 3-mile run.
  • Thursday: Cross-training or strength training – Keep strengthening your body for the marathon ahead.
  • Friday: Easy run for 3 miles – Continue building your endurance with another 3-mile run.
  • Saturday: Long run for 5 miles – Extend your long run to gradually enhance your distance capabilities.
  • Sunday: Rest – Rest and recover to prepare for the upcoming week.

Speed Workout: Boosting Your Pace

  • Warm up with 10 minutes of easy running
  • Run 400 meters at a hard pace
  • Rest for 200 meters
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 8-10 times
  • Cool down with 10 minutes of easy running

Weeks 3 and 4: Building Consistency

  • Week 3: Similar to Week 2, focus on maintaining your routine.
  • Week 4: Continue building your endurance by adding an extra mile to your long runs.

Weeks 5 to 18: Gradual Progression

  • Repeat weeks 3 and 4 for the next 14 weeks, gradually increasing the distance of your long runs by 1 mile each week.

Tapering: Preparing for Race Day

  • In the final week of your training, taper your mileage by reducing your weekly mileage by 25%.

Running the Chicago Marathon: Race Day Tips

  • On race day, aim to run at a pace that feels comfortable for the first half of the race. If you feel good, you can gradually increase your pace in the second half of the race.

Essential Training Tips

Listen to Your Body

  • Pay close attention to your body’s signals and take rest days when you need them. Rest is an integral part of the training process and aids recovery.

Proper Nutrition

  • Fuel your body with a balanced diet rich in healthy foods and hydrate adequately with water before, during, and after your runs.

Gear Up for Success

  • Invest in comfortable running shoes and attire to minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of injuries.

Run with a Group

  • Join a running group or train with a friend to stay motivated and share the marathon journey.

Enjoy the Journey

  • Don’t forget to have fun! Running the Chicago Marathon is not just about achieving a personal best; it’s about experiencing the energy of the event and the cheering crowds.

Additional Race Day Tips

  • Arrive at the starting line early to give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  • Given the unpredictable Chicago weather, dress warmly in the morning, and layer up if needed.
  • Start the race at a comfortable pace, gradually picking up speed as your body warms up.
  • Stay hydrated by consuming water and sports drinks at every aid station.
  • Carry energy gels or snacks to refuel if you start to feel hungry.
  • If necessary, take short breaks, but avoid sitting for too long to maintain your momentum.
  • Embrace the atmosphere and the enthusiastic spectators; let their energy propel you forward.


Training for and participating in the Chicago Marathon is a formidable but immensely rewarding undertaking. By diligently following this training plan and incorporating these invaluable tips, you’ll position yourself for success on race day. Remember, it’s not just about the finish line; it’s about the journey and the unforgettable experience. Listen to your body, stay motivated, and above all, enjoy every step of the way!

So, lace up your running shoes and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime in the heart of Chicago. The Windy City awaits your footsteps in the 2023 Chicago Marathon.


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