Exploring the Rich History of Preakness Stakes Past Winners

The Preakness Stakes, often referred to as “The Middle Jewel” of horse racing’s prestigious Triple Crown, has captivated audiences since its inaugural running in 1873. Held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, the Preakness is a grueling 1 3/16-mile test of thoroughbred speed and stamina. Beyond the excitement of the race itself, the Preakness boasts a rich history filled with legendary horses, jockeys, and trainers. This article delves into the ranks of Preakness Stakes past winners, exploring the stories and achievements that have cemented their place in racing history.

A Tradition of Excellence: Preakness Stakes Past Winners

1873SurvivorTommy CarrollNot AvailableUnknown
1875LamplighterLloyd HughesNot AvailableUnknown
1876CloverbrookWilliam DonohueNot AvailableUnknown
1878IroquoisGeorge BarbeeR. W. WaldenUnknown

The early years witnessed a string of dominant performances, with horses like Lamplighter and Cloverbrook leaving their mark. However, it wasn’t until 1878 that the Preakness truly entered the national spotlight. Iroquois, a colt sired by the legendary Lexington, became the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes consecutively. This feat ignited public interest in the Triple Crown, a grueling challenge requiring victory in all three races – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Several horses throughout history have captured the imagination by winning the Preakness and chasing Triple Crown glory. Notably, in 1973, Secretariat, widely considered one of the greatest racehorses ever, dominated the Preakness with an astonishing 25-length victory. However, he fell short of the Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes. Similarly, in 2015, American Pharoah became the first horse in 37 years to achieve Triple Crown glory after winning both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness.

Beyond the Triple Crown: Preakness Stakes Past Winners

1915Rhine MaidenDouglas HoffmanScott HarlanUnknown
2009Rachel AlexandraCalvin BorelS. Asmussen1:55.08
2019War of WillTyler GaffalioneMark E. Casse1:54.34
2020Swiss SkydiverRobby AlbaradoKenny McPeek1:53.28

The Preakness narrative isn’t solely confined to Triple Crown hopefuls. The race has seen its fair share of upsets and surprising triumphs. In 1915, Rhine Maiden became the first filly to win the Preakness, a feat not replicated until Rachel Alexandra in 2009 and, more recently, Swiss Skydiver in 2020. This victory by Swiss Skydiver marked a significant moment, showcasing the exceptional talent of fillies in a historically male-dominated sport.

Another noteworthy upset came in 2019. War of Will, a horse with relatively low odds, surged ahead in a thrilling finish to claim victory. This unexpected outcome exemplifies the unpredictable nature of horse racing, where even underdogs can rise to the occasion.

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Trainers, Jockeys, and the Hands that Guide Champions

2015American PharoahVictor EspinozaBob Baffert1:58:46
2018JustifyMike E. SmithBob Baffert1:55:93
2022Early VotingJose OrtizChad Brown1:54.54

The success of a Preakness Stakes past winner isn’t solely attributed to the horse itself. Trainers and jockeys play a crucial role in crafting and executing winning strategies. Bob Baffert stands out as the most successful trainer in Preakness history, having secured eight victories, including those with American Pharoah and Justify, both Triple Crown winners. Other prominent trainers like Chad Brown and D. Wayne Lukas have also left their mark on the Preakness with multiple wins.

Jockeys, too, contribute significantly to a horse’s performance. Victor Espinoza, who rode American Pharoah to Triple Crown glory, and Mike Smith, who partnered with Justify, are just a few examples of skilled jockeys who have steered their mounts to Preakness victories. These partnerships between horse, trainer, and jockey are a testament to the collaborative effort that goes into achieving success at this prestigious race.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes continues to evolve, attracting top contenders and enthusiastic crowds year after year. With the recent victory of a filly in 2020, the race may see a shift towards increased opportunities for female thoroughbreds. Additionally, advancements in training methods and breeding practices are likely to influence the caliber of horses participating in the Preakness, potentially leading to even faster times and more thrilling finishes.

One thing remains certain: the Preakness Stakes will undoubtedly continue to provide a platform for champions to be crowned, fostering memories that will be cherished by racing enthusiasts for generations to come.

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Summing it Up!

In conclusion, the Preakness Stakes stands as a testament to the timeless allure of horse racing, where champions are forged and legacies are immortalized. Through this exploration of Preakness Stakes Past Winners, we have witnessed the triumphs of equine greatness, the skill of trainers and jockeys, and the unpredictable nature of the sport. From Secretariat’s awe-inspiring dominance to War of Will’s unexpected victory, each Preakness winner contributes to the rich tapestry of racing history. As we look ahead to future editions of the race, one thing remains certain: the Preakness Stakes will continue to captivate audiences and inspire generations with its enduring legacy of champions.


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