Top 10 Greatest Goals in UEFA Euro Cup History

The UEFA Euro Cup has been the stage for some of the most spectacular goals in football history. Each tournament brings with it moments of magic that leave fans in awe and players enshrined in the annals of the sport. From long-range thunderbolts to intricate team play, the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history showcase the pinnacle of football artistry and skill. In this article, we will count down the top 10 greatest goals ever scored in the UEFA Euro Cup, reliving the moments that have defined the competition and captured the imagination of fans worldwide.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimović vs France (2012)

Zlatan Ibrahimović is no stranger to spectacular goals, and his volley against France in Euro 2012 is one of the finest examples of his genius. Sweden was already eliminated from the tournament, but that didn’t stop Ibrahimović from delivering a moment of brilliance. A cross from the right found Ibrahimović in the penalty area. Instead of opting for a simple finish, he launched himself into the air and met the ball with a perfectly timed acrobatic volley that left the French goalkeeper with no chance. Although the goal didn’t change Sweden’s fate in the tournament, it was a testament to Ibrahimović’s ability to produce moments of individual brilliance. This goal is often cited as one of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history due to its sheer audacity and technical perfection.

9. David Villa vs Russia (2008)

David Villa’s performance in Euro 2008 was instrumental in Spain’s victorious campaign, and his solo goal against Russia in the group stage was a standout moment. Picking up the ball near the halfway line, Villa embarked on a solo run, weaving past Russian defenders with ease. His speed, control, and finishing ability were on full display as he slotted the ball past the goalkeeper. This goal set the tone for Spain’s dominance in the tournament, demonstrating their attacking prowess and Villa’s exceptional talent. Villa’s goal is remembered as a prime example of individual skill and is often included in discussions about the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history. It highlighted not only Villa’s talent but also the confidence and flair of the Spanish team during that era.

8. Davor Šuker vs Denmark (1996)

Davor Šuker was one of the most prolific strikers of his generation, and his chip over Peter Schmeichel in Euro 1996 is a goal for the ages. In a moment of pure genius, Šuker received the ball on the left flank, spotted Schmeichel off his line, and delicately chipped the ball over the towering goalkeeper with the outside of his foot. This goal helped Croatia to a memorable victory over Denmark, showcasing Šuker’s exceptional vision and technique. Šuker’s chip is often hailed as one of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history due to its creativity and execution. It remains a classic example of a striker’s quick thinking and technical prowess, capturing a moment of pure footballing elegance.

7. Marco van Basten vs Soviet Union (1988)

Marco van Basten’s volley in the final of Euro 1988 is widely regarded as one of the best goals ever scored in any competition. From an acute angle on the right side of the penalty area, Van Basten met a high cross with a first-time volley that sailed over the Soviet goalkeeper and into the far corner of the net. This goal sealed the victory for the Netherlands, securing their first major international trophy. Van Basten’s strike is legendary, frequently cited as one of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history and a defining moment in football. The goal’s difficulty and the stage on which it was scored make it a timeless piece of football history.

6. Karel Poborský vs Portugal (1996)

Karel Poborský’s audacious lob over the Portuguese goalkeeper in Euro 1996 remains one of the tournament’s most memorable moments. Poborský picked up the ball just outside the penalty area, evaded several defenders with a deft touch, and then lobbed the ball over the advancing goalkeeper with a delicate chip. This goal sent the Czech Republic into the semifinals and showcased Poborský’s ingenuity and technical skill. Poborský’s lob is a staple in any discussion about the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history, remembered for its flair and finesse. It was a goal that combined creativity with technical excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament.

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5. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Hungary (2016)

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored many remarkable goals in his career, and his backheel flick against Hungary in Euro 2016 is among his finest. In a must-win group stage match, Ronaldo showcased his quick thinking and technical ability by deftly flicking a cross with his backheel into the net, leaving the Hungarian goalkeeper rooted to the spot. This goal helped Portugal secure a crucial draw, ultimately leading them to progress through the group stage and eventually win the tournament. Ronaldo’s backheel is celebrated as one of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history for its ingenuity and importance. It is a testament to Ronaldo’s ability to deliver in critical moments and his flair for the spectacular.

4. Paul Gascoigne vs Scotland (1996)

Paul Gascoigne’s goal against Scotland in Euro 1996 is one of the most iconic moments in English football history. Gascoigne flicked the ball over a defender with his left foot and, without letting it touch the ground, volleyed it into the net with his right foot in one fluid motion. This goal secured England’s victory in the group stage and cemented Gascoigne’s status as a footballing genius. Often featured in compilations of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history, Gascoigne’s strike is remembered for its audacity and technical brilliance. The celebration that followed, with Gascoigne lying on the ground as his teammates squirted water into his mouth, became equally iconic, symbolizing his flamboyant personality and the joy of football.

3. Antonín Panenka vs West Germany (1976)

Antonín Panenka’s cheeky penalty in the final of Euro 1976 introduced the world to the now-famous “Panenka” technique. In the penalty shootout, Panenka calmly chipped the ball down the middle as the German goalkeeper dived to the side, sealing Czechoslovakia’s victory. This audacious penalty won Czechoslovakia their first major international title and has since been emulated by many players. The “Panenka” remains one of the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history for its inventiveness and the high stakes involved. It was a moment of pure nerve and confidence, transforming a simple penalty kick into an enduring symbol of footballing audacity.

2. Éder vs France (2016)

Éder’s long-range strike in the final of Euro 2016 is one of the most dramatic goals in recent tournament history. In extra time, Éder received the ball outside the box, shrugged off a defender, and unleashed a powerful shot that flew past the French goalkeeper into the bottom corner. This goal secured Portugal’s first major international trophy, a historic moment for the nation. Éder’s strike is often cited among the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history due to its significance and the skill involved. It was a goal that epitomized the underdog spirit and the beauty of unexpected heroes rising to the occasion.

1. Michel Platini vs Portugal (1984)

Michel Platini’s extra-time goal against Portugal in the semifinal of Euro 1984 is considered by many as the greatest goal in the tournament’s history. After a chaotic sequence in the Portuguese penalty area, Platini controlled the ball and, with defenders closing in, managed to fire it into the net. This goal sent France into the final, where they eventually claimed their first major international title. Platini’s goal is remembered not only for its dramatic timing and importance but also for his composure under pressure, making it the greatest goal in UEFA Euro Cup history. It was a moment that encapsulated Platini’s brilliance and leadership, forever etched in the memories of football fans.


The UEFA Euro Cup has provided football fans with some truly unforgettable moments. The greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history are a testament to the skill, creativity, and drama that make the tournament so special. From Ibrahimović’s acrobatic volley to Platini’s historic strike, these goals have left an indelible mark on the sport and will be remembered for generations to come. Whether it’s a solo effort or a perfectly executed team move, the greatest goals in UEFA Euro Cup history continue to inspire and excite fans around the world. These moments of brilliance not only define the careers of the players involved but also enrich the legacy of the UEFA Euro Cup as a celebration of football at its finest.


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