Where to Watch Women’s World Cup in South Africa for Free | Live Online HD

Brace yourselves and get geared up to Watch Women’s World Cup in South Africa. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is underway and many teams are already eyeing for the World Cup. The intent is clear, the excitement is doubled up after an eye catching opening ceremony.

All this can be streamed live on BBC iPlayer and ITV for Free in South Africa. Although, you wont be able to access these services due to geo-blocking outside UK. Therefore, you will be needing ExpressVPN as a partner to cross the restriction bridge. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started now!

Quick Steps to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup Live Stream for Free

  1. Select a Reliable VPN [We Recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as they guarantee zero buffer when streaming sports]

  2. Download and Install ExpressVPN app

  3. Connect to a server in UK

  4. Login in to your BBC iPlayer/ITV Account

  5. Stream "FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023" live online.

Stream FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Live

Where to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in South Africa for free without Cable?

Football fans in South Africa will have the opportunity to watch the exhilarating matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 without any additional cost, thanks to the broadcasting coverage provided by the UK-based channels BBC and ITV.

Watch Women's World Cup in South Africa

Known for their exceptional quality of sports coverage, both channels are renowned for delivering immersive and comprehensive live football experiences. BBC and ITV have secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament, making them the go-to destinations for fans seeking to enjoy the thrilling action, emotional moments, and remarkable displays of skill on the pitch.

For those in South Africa, utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) service like ExpressVPN can help secure a UK-based server, granting access to the live coverage from BBC and ITV, ensuring an uninterrupted and free viewing experience of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 | Overview, Groups & Key Dates

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent, passion, and international football excellence. Hosted by Australia and New Zealand, this groundbreaking tournament will feature 32 teams from around the globe, all vying for the prestigious title.

The participating teams will be divided into eight groups, with four teams in each group, as they embark on their quest for glory. The tournament is scheduled to kick off on July 20 with the opening match, igniting the excitement and setting the stage for a month-long celebration of women’s football.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 | Key Dates to Remember

  • Group stage: July 20-August 3
  • Round of 16: August 5-8
  • Quarterfinals: August 11-12
  • Semifinals: August 15-16
  • Third-place playoff: August 19
  • Final: August 20

From group stage battles to knockout drama, the competition will culminate in the highly anticipated final on August 20, where the world will witness the crowning of the new champions. With the anticipation building, football enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await the captivating matches and unforgettable moments that await us in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 | Groups A-H

  • Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland
  • Group B: Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland
  • Group C: Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, Zambia
  • Group D: China, Denmark, England, Haiti
  • Group E: Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam
  • Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica, Panama
  • Group G: Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden
  • Group H: Colombia, Germany, South Korea, Morocco

When is the FIFA World Cup Women’s Opening Ceremony?

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 opening ceremony is expected to be captivating and will kickstart the tournament. The ceremony on July 20 at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, will be a spectacle of music, dance, and cultural celebration. Fans from around the world will gather to witness an exciting and energetic display that marks the beginning of a month-long football tournament. The opening ceremony at Eden Park will symbolize unity, diversity, and love for the game.

FIFA Women’s World Cup – Group Match Schedule 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 brings an action-packed Group Match Schedule, promising thrilling football moments and showcasing the best of women’s talent. Get ready for an exciting tournament full of unforgettable matches and top-notch competition.

Match No.Match-UpLive Streaming
1New Zealand vs NorwayBBC iPlayer
2Australia vs IrelandITV
3Nigeria vs CanadaBBC iPlayer
4Philippines vs SwitzerlandITV
5Spain vs Costa RicaBBC iPlayer
6USA vs VietnamBBC iPlayer
7Zambia vs JapanBBC iPlayer
8England vs HAITIITV
9Denmark vs China PRBBC iPlayer
10Sweden vs South AfricaBBC iPlayer
11Netherlands vs PortugalBBC iPlayer
12France vs JamaicaITV
13Italy vs ArgentinaITV
14Germany vs MoroccoITV
15Brazil vs PanamaITV
16Colombia vs KoreaBBC iPlayer
17New Zealand vs PhilippinesITV
18Switzerland vs NorwayITV
19Japan vs Costa RicaITV
20Spain vs ZambiaBBC iPlayer
21Canada vs IrelandITV
22USA vs NetherlandsBBC iPlayer
23Portugal vs VietnamITV
24Australia vs NigeriaBBC iPlayer
25Argentina vs South AfricaITV
26England vs DenmarkBBC iPlayer
27China PR vs HAITIITV
28Sweden vs ItalyBBC iPlayer
29France vs BrazilBBC iPlayer
30Panama vs JamaicaITV
31Korea vs MoroccoBBC iPlayer
32Norway vs PhilippinesBBC iPlayer
33Switzerland vs New ZealandBBC iPlayer
34Germany vs ColombiaITV
35Costa Rica vs ZambiaITV
36Japan vs SpainITV
37Ireland vs NigeriaBBC iPlayer
38Canada vs AustraliaBBC iPlayer
39Vietnam vs NetherlandsITV
40Portugal vs USAITV
41HAITI vs DenmarkITV
42China PR vs EnglandITV
43South Africa vs ItalyBBC iPlayer
44Argentina vs SwedenBBC iPlayer
45Jamaica vs BrazilITV
46Panama vs FranceITV
47Korea vs GermanyBBC iPlayer
48Morocco vs ColombiaBBC iPlayer

Why do you need a VPN Service to watch the Women’s World Cup in South Africa?

In South Africa, watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 might require the use of a VPN service due to specific broadcasting restrictions. BBC and ITV, both UK-based channels, have acquired the rights to broadcast the tournament for free. However, these channels are typically only accessible within the United Kingdom. This is where a VPN service like ExpressVPN becomes invaluable.


By using a VPN, individuals can connect to a server located in the UK, which grants them a UK-based IP address. This allows them to bypass geographical restrictions and gain access to the live coverage of the Women’s World Cup on BBC and ITV. ExpressVPN, known for its speed and robust security measures, ensures a seamless streaming experience, enabling football enthusiasts in South Africa to enjoy the excitement of the tournament as if they were watching it from within the UK.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Past Winners

YearHost CountryWinnerRunner-upScore
1991ChinaUnited StatesNorway2-1
1999United StatesUnited StatesChina0-0 (5-4)*
2011GermanyJapanUnited States2-2 (3-1)*
2015CanadaUnited StatesJapan5-2
2019FranceUnited StatesNetherlands2-0

Where is the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 happening?

Australia Selected Venues

  • Brisbane Stadium (Eight Games)
  • Adelaide Hindmarsh Stadium (Five Games)
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (Six Games)
  • Perth Rectangular Stadium (Five Games)
  • Allianz Stadium Australia (Five Games)
  • Sydney Football Stadium (Six Games)

New Zealand Selected Venues

  • Dunedin Stadium (Six Games)
  • Eden Park (Nine Games)
  • Hamilton Waikato Stadium (Five Games)
  • Wellington Regional Stadium (Nine Games)

What is the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Prize Money?

Player financial allocation:

  • Group stage: $30,000
  • Round of 16: $60,000
  • Quarterfinal: $90,000
  • Fourth place: $165,000
  • Third place: $180,000
  • Second place: $195,000
  • Champions: $270,000

Participating member nation:

  • Group stage: $1,560,000
  • Round of 16: $1,870,000
  • Quarterfinal: $2,180,000
  • Fourth place: $2,455,000
  • Third place: $2,610,000
  • Second place: $3,015,000
  • Champion: $4,290,000

Broadcasters streaming the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Live locally in South Africa?

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) will broadcast the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup live in South Africa. The SABC will broadcast all tournament matches live on TV and radio. To watch matches on SABC, a paid subscription to their digital terrestrial television (DTT) service is required.

The DTT service is available for purchase at major retailers in South Africa for $14.60 per month. The tournament will be streamed live on the FIFA website and app, along with the SABC. To access live streams on the FIFA website and app, users must create an account, although both platforms are free to use. To watch live streams on the FIFA website and app, a paid subscription to a streaming service like DStv Now or Showmax is required.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Viewer’s Guides

AustraliaDominican RepublicMalaysiaSouth AfricaItaly
DenmarkCzech RepublicMexicoSouth KoreaSingapore
BrazilGermanyNew ZealandSwedenUK
CanadaHong KongNorwaySwitzerlandUSA
Costa RicaIndonesiaPhilippinesThailand

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which team does Hilda Magaia play for?

Hildah Tholakele Magaia is a striker who competes for both Sejong Sportstoto and the South Africa Women’s team. Her net worth, as of July 2022, is estimated to be around US$2 million.

Who won the last Women’s World Cup?

The United States won the 2019 Women’s World Cup by defeating the Netherlands in the final. It was their fourth overall title in the tournament’s history.

Who is most likely to win the Women’s World Cup 2023?

The United States emerges as the top contender in our predictions, as Opta’s advanced supercomputer assigns them a favorable probability of 21.6% to clinch the ultimate victory. Following closely behind, England, the reigning champions of Europe, secures the second spot with a notable ranking of 16.9%.

Can I watch the Women’s World Cup in South Africa on mobile devices?

SABC offers mobile streaming options, allowing you to enjoy the matches on your smartphone or tablet.

Wrapping it Up! 

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be available for free on BBC iPlayer or ITV for South African football fans. UK-based channels have obtained exclusive broadcasting rights for the tournament, providing high-quality sports coverage and immersive live football experiences. South Africans can use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch live coverage from BBC and ITV. ExpressVPN provides a fast and secure connection, enabling football fans to experience the thrill of the Women’s World Cup as if they were in the UK. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 starts on July 20 and lasts a month. Fans anticipate exciting battles, touching moments, and the tournament’s new champion.

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