List of Commentators of FIFA Women’s 2023 WorldCup

The Women’s FIFA World Cup is an exhilarating tournament that showcases the world’s best women’s soccer teams. Alongside the thrilling matches, the tournament is brought to life by a talented lineup of official commentators who provide insightful analysis and vibrant commentary. For the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, several renowned broadcasting networks have assembled an impressive roster of commentators to engage and inform viewers. Let’s delve into the lineup of commentators from FOX Sports, Seven Network, BBC, ESPN, and Telemundo, highlighting their contributions and expertise.

FOX Sports

As one of the leading sports broadcasters, FOX Sports has assembled a team of experienced commentators to cover the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023. This lineup ensures viewers receive an unparalleled viewing experience.

List of commentators FIFA WorldCup

Play-by-play Commentators

JP Dellacamera: Known for his captivating play-by-play commentary, Dellacamera brings his expertise and distinctive voice to guide viewers through the thrilling moments of the matches.

John Strong: With his extensive knowledge of the game and articulate delivery, Strong provides detailed and engaging play-by-play commentary.

Kate Scott: A rising star in sports commentary, Scott’s vibrant and insightful style enhances the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of the matches.

Match analysts

Aly Wagner: Renowned for her accomplishments as a former player, Wagner brings her firsthand knowledge and astute analysis to the commentary booth.

Kyndra de St. Aubin: With her deep understanding of the game and eloquent communication, de St. Aubin offers valuable insights into players’ tactics and strategies.

Danielle Slaton: Slaton’s expertise as a former professional player enriches the commentary with her comprehensive analysis of the teams’ performances.

Lori Lindsey: As a former member of the United States women’s national team, Lindsey provides a unique perspective and expert analysis of the players’ skills and abilities.

Carli Lloyd: The two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion brings her unparalleled experience and remarkable insights to the commentary team, enhancing viewers’ understanding of the game.

Studio hosts

Rob Stone: With his charismatic presence and extensive knowledge of soccer, Stone skillfully guides discussions in the studio, offering in-depth analysis and engaging commentary.

Charissa Thompson: As a seasoned sports presenter, Thompson brings her professionalism and insightful hosting skills to create an immersive studio experience.

Seven Network

Seven Network, a prominent broadcaster in Australia, has curated a talented lineup of commentators who will captivate viewers with their passion and expertise.

List of commentators FIFA WorldCup

Play-by-play Commentators

Bruce McAvaney: Recognized for his versatility and captivating delivery. McAvaney’s play-by-play commentary provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the matches.

Andy Harper: With his deep understanding of the game and engaging style. Harper expertly captures the excitement of the tournament’s action.

Match analysts

Mel McLaughlin: A respected sports journalist, McLaughlin combines her extensive knowledge and interviewing skills to offer expert analysis during matches.

Heather Garriock: Garriock, a former Australian international player, provides valuable insights into players’ performances, strategies, and team dynamics.

Lucy Zelic: Known for her passion for the game and engaging presentation, Zelic delivers compelling analysis that resonates with viewers.

Studio hosts

Mel McLaughlin: Alongside her role as a match analyst. McLaughlin seamlessly transitions to the studio as a versatile and accomplished host, leading engaging discussions.

Abbey Gelmi: Gelmi’s expertise in sports broadcasting shines as she skillfully guides studio conversations and provides insightful commentary.

Other broadcasters

In addition to FOX Sports and Seven Network, other renowned broadcasters have assembled their talented team of commentators to cover the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023.


List of commentators FIFA WorldCup

Robyn Cowen: Known for her extensive knowledge and engaging style, Cowen captivates viewers with her play-by-play commentary.

Alex Scott: A former professional player, Scott offers remarkable insights and analysis, drawing from her experience on the field.

Ian Wright: As a legendary former player. Wright brings a wealth of knowledge and captivating commentary to enhance the viewer’s experience.


List of commentators FIFA WorldCup

Ian Darke: Recognized for his iconic voice and expertise in soccer commentary. Darke delivers passionate play-by-play coverage that immerses viewers in the action.

Julie Foudy: With her exceptional understanding of the game and insightful analysis. Foudy enriches viewers’ understanding of the players and their performances.

Heather Mitts: Mitts, a former player with an impressive international career. That provides valuable analysis and commentary, highlighting the technical aspects of the matches.


List of commentators FIFA WorldCup

Fernando Palomo: Known for his energetic and vibrant play-by-play commentary. Palomo’s passionate delivery amplifies the excitement of the matches.

Ana Jurkevich: Jurkevich’s comprehensive knowledge and insightful analysis offer viewers a deeper understanding. It also develop the tactics and strategies employed by the teams.

Alexi Lalas: As a former player and influential figure in American soccer. Lalas provides expert analysis and shares his unique perspective on the players and teams.


The Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 promises to be an extraordinary tournament. Made even more captivating by the talented commentators from various broadcasting networks. With their expertise, passion, and unique insights, these commentators will ensure that viewers around the world are fully immersed in the thrilling action and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game. From play-by-play commentary to in-depth analysis and engaging studio discussions, these professionals will undoubtedly contribute to an unforgettable viewing experience.

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