Euro Cup 2024 Prize Money and Trophy

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UEFA Euro 2024
Total Price Money €331 million
Participation Fee €9.25 million
Match Bonuses Win (€1 million)
Draw (€500,000)
Round Of 16 €1.5 million
Quarter Final €2.5 million
Semi Final €4 million
Runners Up €5 million
Winners €8 million
Maximum Earnings €28.25 million

Henri Delaunay Cup

The biggest prize on offer for the 24 hopefuls at UEFA EURO 2024.

Orginal Desing
Designer Arthus-Bertrand company
Year 1960
description Named after Henri Delaunay, former president of the French Football Federation (FFF) and UEFA's first general secretary.
Updated Desing
First Lifted June 2008
Designer Asprey London
Description Based on the original, reflecting the scale and size of Europe's most prestigious international tournament. It is 18cm higher and 2kg heavier than the original.
Dimensions Height (60 cm)
Width (8 kg)
Material (sterling silver)
Differences From Original Base (Enlarged silver base for stability)
Names Of Winning Countries (Engraved on the back of the trophy)
About Creator
Name Pierre Delaunay
Relation Son of Henri Delaunay
Description Henri Delaunay died in 1955 before seeing his idea come to fruition, but the updated prize is testament to his enduring legacy.

The UEFA Euro 2024 not only promises thrilling football action but also offers substantial rewards for the participating teams. Beyond the honor of lifting the prestigious Henri Delaunay Trophy, substantial prize money awaits the champions and top contenders of this illustrious tournament.

This financial incentive adds another layer of motivation for teams to perform at their best, fueling competitive spirit and enhancing the overall intensity of the tournament. As teams vie for both glory and financial rewards, Euro 2024 is poised to deliver unforgettable moments of triumph and drama on the grand stage of European football.

Breakdown of Euro Cup 2024 Prize Money

Total Prize Pool

The total prize money allocated for Euro Cup 2024 signifies a substantial investment in European football, underscoring the tournament’s increasing stature and appeal. Compared to previous editions, the enhanced prize pool highlights the growing financial commitment to the sport, reflecting UEFA’s dedication to elevating the prestige and competitiveness of the Euro Cup.

This increased investment not only rewards the participating teams for their achievements but also amplifies the tournament’s significance as a premier event in the global football calendar. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity and economic impact of football across Europe and beyond.


Distribution of Prize Money

The prize money distribution is structured to reward teams at different stages of the competition, ensuring financial incentives for both success and participation. From the group stages to the final showdown, each phase offers its share of rewards.

Performance-Based Bonuses

In addition to base payouts, performance-based bonuses further incentivize teams to strive for excellence. Victories, draws, and advancements through the knockout rounds are all financially rewarded, enhancing the competitive spirit of the tournament.

Financial Impact on Participating Teams

Economic Benefits for National Teams

The prize money from Euro Cup 2024 plays a crucial role in supporting national football associations, providing vital resources for initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and promoting the sport at grassroots levels. This financial injection facilitates the development of youth programs, coaching education, infrastructure improvements, and community outreach initiatives across Europe.

By reinvesting in grassroots football, national associations can cultivate the next generation of players and coaches, ensuring sustainable growth and competitiveness in European football. The legacy of Euro Cup 2024 extends beyond the tournament itself, leaving a lasting impact on the development and advancement of football at all levels throughout the continent.

Financial Rewards for Players

Players and coaching staff alike reap the rewards of success in Euro Cup 2024, as a portion of the prize money is allocated to recognize their efforts. Individual bonuses and incentives are tailored to acknowledge outstanding performances, serving as powerful motivators for players to excel on the grand stage of the tournament.

These financial rewards not only reflect the dedication and hard work of the athletes and coaching staff but also incentivize them to push their limits and strive for excellence throughout the competition. As players compete for both personal glory and team success, the prospect of earning bonuses adds an extra layer of intensity and determination to every match, enriching the overall drama and excitement of Euro Cup 2024.

Euro Cup 2024: Winners and Runners-Up Prize Money

Maximum Earnings for a Team

Teams participating in Euro Cup 2024 have the chance to earn significant financial rewards, with the potential for substantial earnings based on their performance in the tournament. The amount of prize money a team can achieve varies depending on several factors, including their progression through the stages of the competition, match results, and final standings.

Successful teams that advance to the later stages and ultimately clinch the title stand to earn the highest sums, reflecting the competitive nature and financial incentives inherent in Euro Cup football. This system not only rewards excellence on the field but also incentivizes teams to strive for success and achieve their best performance throughout the tournament.

The Euro Cup Trophy: Henri Delaunay Trophy

History and Significance

Named after Henri Delaunay, the visionary behind the European Championship, the Henri Delaunay Trophy carries a rich history and profound symbolism within European football. Delaunay’s enduring legacy is immortalized through this iconic symbol of excellence, representing the culmination of his vision to unite nations through sport and elevate European football to new heights.

As the trophy is lifted in celebration by the victorious team, it not only honors the champions of the tournament but also pays homage to Delaunay’s pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication to the beautiful game.

Design and Features

The design of the Henri Delaunay Trophy reflects its prestigious status, featuring intricate details and engravings that encapsulate the essence of European football. From its inception to its current iteration, the trophy stands as a testament to the rich footballing heritage of the continent. Each element of its design tells a story of tradition, excellence, and the spirit of competition that defines European football. As teams compete to hoist this revered trophy, they embody the values of unity, skill, and determination that have shaped the tournament’s legacy over the years.

Trophy Presentation Ceremony

The presentation of the Henri Delaunay Trophy is a truly momentous occasion, steeped in rich tradition and ceremonial grandeur. Throughout history, memorable moments from past ceremonies underscore the profound emotional significance attached to lifting this revered trophy.

As captains and teams stand proudly before adoring fans, the culmination of weeks of intense competition and unwavering dedication is encapsulated in this singular moment. For players, coaches, and supporters alike, hoisting the Henri Delaunay Trophy represents the ultimate achievement in European football, embodying the dreams, sacrifices, and triumphs that define their collective journey to glory.

What is the Euro 2024 Trophy Called?

The Euro Cup 2024 trophy, officially known as the Henri Delaunay Trophy, pays homage to the tournament’s founder and visionary. Delaunay’s contributions to European football are honored through this distinguished accolade.

Dates and Locations for the Euro 2024 Trophy Tour

Trophy Tour Schedule

Fans across Germany have the opportunity to witness the Henri Delaunay Trophy up close during its tour across the host cities of Euro Cup 2024. The tour schedule ensures widespread engagement and excitement leading up to the tournament.

Significance of the Trophy Tour

The trophy tour serves as a bridge between the tournament and its passionate fan base, fostering community engagement and anticipation. Through interactive experiences and fan interactions, the tour amplifies the excitement surrounding Euro Cup 2024.

Legacy of Winning the Euro Cup

Prestige and Recognition

Victory in the Euro Cup brings unparalleled prestige and recognition to the winning team, elevating their status to legendary heights in the annals of football history. The significance of this achievement extends far beyond the tournament itself, leaving a lasting imprint on the legacy of the triumphant nation.

A Euro Cup triumph cements a team’s place among football’s elite, affirming their prowess on the international stage and inspiring future generations of players and fans alike. The enduring impact of winning resonates through cultural pride, national identity, and the collective memory of football enthusiasts, solidifying the team’s legacy as icons of sporting excellence for years to come.

Success Stories of Past Winners

The Euro Cup boasts a storied legacy of inspiring triumphs and unforgettable moments. From thrilling underdog victories to commanding performances, past winners have engraved their names in football folklore, serving as enduring symbols of resilience and determination.

These historic achievements not only showcase the pinnacle of sporting excellence but also inspire future generations of players and fans alike. The Euro Cup’s rich tapestry of triumphs underscores the tournament’s ability to unite nations, captivate audiences, and create indelible memories that resonate across generations, reinforcing its status as one of football’s most prestigious and cherished competitions.

Sponsorship and Commercial Aspects

Role of Sponsors in Prize Money Allocation

Major sponsors play a pivotal role in funding the prize pool for Euro Cup 2024, significantly contributing to the financial sustainability of the tournament. These sponsorship deals not only enhance the commercial viability of the event but also provide essential resources for the distribution of prize money among participating teams.

By partnering with prominent brands and corporations, the Euro Cup organizers secure crucial financial backing that supports various aspects of the tournament, including venue operations, broadcast rights, and promotional activities. This collaborative effort ensures that Euro Cup 2024 remains a premier sporting spectacle, offering substantial rewards for teams and maintaining its status as a cornerstone of European football.

Commercial Value of the Trophy

Beyond its sporting significance, the Henri Delaunay Trophy holds substantial commercial value, serving as a prestigious platform for marketing and branding opportunities for both sponsors and organizers alike. The trophy’s iconic status enhances merchandising efforts, creating enduring mementos that resonate with fans worldwide.

This coveted symbol of football excellence not only symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement in European football but also serves as a catalyst for promotional activities and partnerships. Through strategic branding initiatives and merchandise sales, the Euro Cup organizers and sponsors capitalize on the trophy’s allure to foster greater fan engagement and loyalty, further cementing its place as a cherished artifact in the hearts of football enthusiasts everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the total prize money for Euro Cup 2024 allocated?

The prize money for Euro Cup 2024 is distributed across various stages of the tournament, from the group stages to the final. Each stage has specific financial rewards, with additional bonuses for match wins and advancing through the knockout rounds.

What is the prize money for the champions and runners-up of Euro Cup 2024?

The exact amounts for the champions and runners-up are part of the overall prize pool distribution, which rewards the winning team and the runner-up significantly more than other participants.

Are there any performance-based bonuses in Euro Cup 2024?

Yes, teams receive additional bonuses for match wins and draws, as well as for progressing to subsequent rounds of the tournament. These bonuses are designed to incentivize strong performances throughout the competition.

What is the Euro 2024 trophy called?

The Euro 2024 trophy is officially called the Henri Delaunay Trophy, named after the French football administrator who envisioned a European continental

Who was Henri Delaunay?

Henri Delaunay was the founder of the European Championship and UEFA’s first general secretary. His vision for a European football tournament led to the creation of the championship, and the trophy is named in his honor to recognize his contributions to the sport.

Summing it Up!

The UEFA Euro 2024 not only promises thrilling football action but also offers substantial financial rewards and the prestigious Henri Delaunay Trophy for the champions. With a significant prize pool and the iconic trophy tour, the tournament highlights the economic and symbolic impact on participating teams and fans alike. As excitement builds, Euro Cup 2024 stands poised to deliver memorable moments and enduring legacies.


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