UK Open Darts 2024 Start Time & Schedule Unveiled

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The highly anticipated UK Open Darts 2024 is set to unfold at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort, promising darting enthusiasts a thrilling spectacle from Friday, March 1, to Sunday, March 3. The tournament schedule is packed with exciting matches, and here’s a detailed breakdown of the start time and schedule for the event.

UK Open Darts 2024 Start Time:

  • Afternoon Sessions: Commencing at 11:45 am GMT on the main stage, the afternoon sessions promise a dose of darting action that fans eagerly anticipate.
  • Evening Sessions: The excitement continues in the evening, with sessions starting from 7:00 pm GMT, creating a captivating atmosphere for both on-site spectators and viewers tuning in from around the world.

UK Open 2024 Schedule

First Round

  • Jacques Labre Bye
  • Christian Kist v Patrick Geeraets
  • Matthew Dennant v Jeffrey de Graaf
  • Conan Whitehead v Leonard Gates
  • Dom Taylor v Brandon Western
  • Lukas Wenig v Tom Lonsdale
  • Jarred Cole Bye
  • Leighton Bennett v Scott Mitchell
  • Danny Lauby v Nathan Rafferty
  • Kevin Burness v John Henderson
  • Owen Bates v Andy Boulton
  • Connor Scutt v Wesley Plaisier
  • Jules van Dongen v Thibault Tricole
  • Jack Male v Martin Dragt
  • Ashley Coleman v Tim Wolters
  • Brett Claydon v Thomas Lovely
  • Bradly Roes v Benjamin Reus
  • Haupai Puha v Jelle Klaasen
  • Jitse van der Wal v Johnny Haines
  • Sebastian Bialecki v Jenson Walker
  • Bradley Brooks v Cam Crabtree
  • Paul Krohne v Michael Taylor
  • Christopher Toonders v Chris Landman
  • George Killington v Radek Szaganski
  • Rusty-Jake Rodriguez v Ron Meulenkamp
  • Harry Gregory v Rhys Griffin
  • Joe Croft v William Borland
  • Jason Hogg v Darren Beveridge
  • Harry Lane v Dominik Gruellich
  • Darryl Pilgrim v Joshua Richardson
  • Michele Turetta v Robert Grundy
  • David Sumner v Wessel Nijman

Second Round

  • Niels Zonneveld v Sumner/Nijman
  • Arron Monk v Dylan Slevin
  • Ronny Huybrechts v Lane/Gruellich
  • Toonders/Landman v Lee Evans
  • James Hurrell v Croft/Borland
  • Geert Nentjes v Pascal Rupprecht
  • Pilgrim/Richardson v Keegan Brown
  • Berry van Peer v Maik Kuivenhoven
  • Hogg/Beveridge v Bennett/Mitchell
  • Jurjen van der Velde v Jeffrey de Zwaan
  • Gregory/Griffin v Whitehead/Gates
  • Karel Sedlacek v Robert Owen
  • Killington/Szaganski v Robbie Knops
  • Scutt/Plaisier v Puha/Klaasen
  • Jacques Labre v Steve Lennon
  • Bates/Boulton v Graham Usher
  • Turetta/Grundy v Jarred Cole
  • Krohne/M Taylor v Graham Hall
  • Jeffrey Sparidaans v Christian Perez
  • Bialecki/Walker v Coleman/Wolters
  • Daniel Klose v Adam Warner
  • Dennant/De Graaf v Danny van Trijp
  • Brooks/Crabtree v Van Dongen/Tricole
  • D Taylor/Western v Burness/Henderson
  • Adam Smith-Neale v Kist/Geeraets
  • Male/Dragt v Lauby/Rafferty
  • Wenig/Lonsdale v Roes/Reus
  • Callum Goffin v Nick Kenny
  • Andy Baetens v Claydon/Lovely
  • Owen Roelofs v Stephen Burton
  • Van der Wal/Haines v Mario Vandenbogaerde
  • Josh Payne v Rusty-Jake Rodriguez/Meulenkamp

First Round Highlights:

The First Round showcases a diverse array of matchups, featuring both established players and emerging talents. Notable matchups include:

  • Christian Kist vs. Patrick Geeraets: An early clash with the potential for surprises.
  • Leighton Bennett vs. Scott Mitchell: A compelling encounter between a rising star and an experienced campaigner.
  • Haupai Puha vs. Jelle Klaasen: A match that promises intensity and skill on display.

Second Round Anticipation:

As the tournament progresses, the Second Round introduces even more intriguing matchups. Noteworthy fixtures include:

  • Steve Lennon vs. Jacques Labre: A matchup that pits experience against emerging talent.
  • Keegan Brown vs. Pilgrim/Richardson: Brown, a familiar face, faces the challenge presented by the winners of the Pilgrim/Richardson matchup.
  • Callum Goffin vs. Nick Kenny: A clash of contenders vying for a spot in the next round.

Unveiling the Future Stars:

The UK Open Darts 2024 isn’t just a battleground for established names; it’s a stage for emerging talents to make their mark. With matchups like Daniel Klose vs. Adam Warner and Owen Roelofs vs. Stephen Burton, the tournament provides a platform for new stars to shine.


The UK Open Darts 2024 promises to be a riveting experience for fans and players alike. The carefully crafted schedule ensures a seamless flow of matches, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the excitement of every throw. As the tournament progresses through the afternoon and evening sessions, darting enthusiasts can expect a rollercoaster of emotions, surprises, and exceptional skill on display. With a diverse mix of players competing across various stages, the UK Open Darts 2024 is poised to be a highlight in the darting calendar. Dart fans, get ready for an unforgettable weekend of arrows flying, as the Butlin’s Minehead Resort transforms into the epicenter of darting excellence.


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