Top 10 T20 All Rounders 2023–24

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T20 cricket, with its fast-paced format and emphasis on explosive batting and innovative bowling, thrives on the contributions of all-rounders. These versatile players excel with both bat and ball, providing a crucial balance to their teams and influencing the outcome of matches in a significant way. This article delves into the Top 10 T20 All-Rounders for the 2023-24 season, analyzing their strengths, recent performances, and the impact they have on their respective teams.

1. Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh): The Undisputed King

  • A Legacy of Excellence: Shakib Al Hasan remains the undisputed king of T20 all-rounders. His left-arm spin bowling is deceptive and effective, consistently troubling batsmen with his variations and ability to take wickets at crucial junctures. With the bat, his experience and calmness under pressure allow him to anchor the innings or provide a late flourish.
  • Leading Bangladesh’s Charge: Shakib is a vital cog in the Bangladesh T20 team. His leadership qualities, experience in high-pressure situations, and ability to perform consistently across formats make him an invaluable asset.

2. Wanindu Hasaranga (Sri Lanka): The Mystery Spinner with a Big Bat

  • A Web of Deception: Wanindu Hasaranga’s leg-spin bowling is a nightmare for batsmen to decipher. His variations in pace, flight, and googly doos leave hitters guessing, resulting in a consistent wicket-taking threat.
  • A Rising Star with the Bat: While his bowling takes center stage, Hasaranga has also started to showcase his batting prowess. His aggressive stroke-making and ability to find the boundary make him a valuable lower-order batsman.

3. Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan): The Evergreen Warrior

  • Experience and Dependability: Mohammad Nabi, a veteran all-rounder, continues to be a vital part of the Afghan T20 setup. His right-arm off-spin bowling provides control and variation, while his experience allows him to adapt to different situations effectively.
  • A Valuable Lower-Order Batsman: Nabi is a dependable lower-order batsman with a knack for accelerating the scoring rate in the death overs. His ability to hit clean sixes and rotate the strike makes him a valuable asset during the critical final stages of an innings.

4. Sikandar Raza (Zimbabwe): The Surprise Package

  • A Force to Be Reckoned With: Sikandar Raza has emerged as a surprise package in the world of T20 all-rounders. His off-spin bowling is accurate and deceiving, capable of picking up crucial wickets at regular intervals.
  • A Consistent Contributor with the Bat: Raza is a consistent run-scorer in the middle order. His ability to rotate the strike and find the boundary makes him a valuable asset for the Zimbabwean batting lineup.

5. Aiden Markram (South Africa): The All-Format Star

  • Technical Brilliance and Power: Aiden Markram’s batting combines elegance with power. His technical prowess allows him to play a variety of shots, while his ability to hit big sixes adds another dimension to his batting.
  • Emerging as a Bowling Option: Markram has recently started to contribute with his medium-pace bowling, providing valuable overs in the middle or at the death. His ability to swing the new ball and bowl tight lines makes him a handy option for the South African captain.

6. Marcus Stoinis (Australia): The Big-Match Performer

  • A Powerhouse Hitter and Reliable Bowler: Marcus Stoinis is a quintessential big-match player. His powerful hitting at the lower order can single-handedly win matches for Australia. With his medium-pace bowling, he provides crucial breakthroughs and restricts the flow of runs.
  • A Consummate Team Player: Stoinis’s selfless attitude and ability to adapt to different situations make him a valuable team player. He is always willing to play the role required by the team, whether it’s scoring quick runs or bowling a tight over.

7. Hardik Pandya (India): The Rejuvenated Star

  • A Comeback Story: Hardik Pandya’s return to form has been a welcome sight for Indian cricket fans. His back injury had hampered his progress, but he has worked his way back to full fitness and rediscovered his all-round abilities.
  • A Multi-Dimensional Threat: Pandya’s bowling is a mix of pace and swing, making him a difficult proposition for batsmen. With the bat, his power-hitting abilities can turn the tide of a match in a matter of overs.

8. Liam Livingstone (England): The Mr. 360°

  • A Boundary-Hunting Specialist: Liam Livingstone is a nightmare for bowlers with his unorthodox batting style. His ability to hit the ball all around the wicket and clear the ropes with ease makes him a dangerous proposition in the middle order.
  • Evolving Bowling Options: Livingstone’s leg-spin bowling, while not his primary skill, can be a handy option for the English captain. His ability to control the flow of runs and pick up occasional wickets adds another dimension to his value.

9. Moeen Ali (England): The Experienced Campaigner

  • A Dependable Off-Spinner: Moeen Ali’s off-spin bowling is a vital cog in the English T20 setup. His experience allows him to read the batsman’s mind and bowl with variations, making him a consistent wicket-taker.
  • A Valuable Lower-Order Batsman: Moeen Ali is a valuable lower-order batsman who can accelerate the scoring rate in the death overs. His ability to find the boundary and rotate the strike keeps the scoreboard ticking over.

10. Glenn Maxwell (Australia): The ‘Big Show’ with a New Approach

  • A Redefined Approach: Glenn Maxwell, known for his flamboyant stroke-making, has adapted his batting in recent times. While his six-hitting prowess remains, he has shown a greater willingness to rotate the strike and build partnerships.
  • A Capable Off-Spin Option: Maxwell’s off-spin bowling can be a surprise weapon for the Australian captain. He can provide crucial breakthroughs in the middle overs and disrupt the opposition’s batting rhythm.


T20 all-rounders are the lifeblood of the fast-paced format. Their ability to contribute significantly with both bat and ball provides a crucial advantage to their teams. This list highlights the versatility and impact of these multi-talented players who can single-handedly influence the outcome of a match. As T20 cricket continues to evolve, the role of the all-rounder will only become more prominent, demanding a unique blend of skill, temperament, and adaptability from these modern-day cricket warriors.


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