Eden Garden Cricket Stadium: Cricket’s Grand Old Dame

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium, often referred to as the “Cricket’s Grand Old Dame,” stands proudly as an international cricket stadium in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Established in 1864, it holds the distinction of being the oldest and second-largest cricket stadium in India and ranks as the third-largest in the world. With a remarkable history and an exciting future, Eden Garden Stadium is an iconic venue that has witnessed countless historic cricketing moments.


The journey of Eden Garden Stadium is a tale of transformation. Initially conceived as a botanical garden, it gracefully metamorphosed into a cricketing colosseum in the 1840s. In 1873, it witnessed the excitement of its first international match, marking the beginning of a rich legacy. Over the years, it has played host to a plethora of significant cricket encounters, including the 1987 Cricket World Cup Final, the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy Final, and the 2016 Indian Premier League Final. And this year it will be among the ICC Cricket World Cup Venues.

Seating Capacity

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium boasts an impressive seating capacity of 68,000, making it a true colosseum for cricket enthusiasts. This vast expanse of seating is divided into two tiers, with the upper tier accommodating 37,000 spectators and the lower tier comfortably seating 31,000 spectators. In addition to the regular seating, the stadium offers 76 corporate boxes for those seeking a more exclusive viewing experience. There’s also a luxurious 55-room clubhouse for added comfort and convenience.

Design and Specifications

Eden Garden Stadium is a marvel of architectural finesse. It boasts a two-tier structure that accommodates a staggering 68,000 spectators. The stadium is equipped with 76 corporate boxes, providing an elite viewing experience, and a 55-room clubhouse that adds a touch of luxury to the proceedings. In terms of functionality, it leaves no stone unturned, with a modern drainage system and an efficient floodlighting setup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Matches at Eden Garden Cricket Stadium

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium is set to be a central stage for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The following matches are in the ICC World Cup schedule to grace this hallowed ground:

  • October 28: Netherlands vs Bangladesh
  • October 31: Pakistan vs Bangladesh
  • November 5: India vs South Africa
  • November 11: England vs Pakistan
  • November 16: Semi-final 1

Pitch and Conditions

The pitch at Eden Garden Stadium is renowned for its flat and batting-friendly nature. It consistently produces high-scoring matches, making it a favorite among batsmen. However, for bowlers, it can be a challenging battleground, especially in the initial overs. The weather in Kolkata, characterized by its heat and humidity, adds another layer of complexity. The high humidity can make it arduous for players to sustain their performance levels and also makes it difficult for bowlers to extract swing from the ball. Thus, making it an extra effort for the teams to win matches at these pitches and strive hard towards the ICC World Cup Trophy.

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium: A Cultural Icon

Beyond its role as a cricket stadium, Eden Garden Cricket Stadium has transcended into a cultural icon of Kolkata and West Bengal. It has witnessed pivotal moments in history, including events related to the Indian independence movement and the Bengali Language Movement. Moreover, it ranks among the most visited cricket stadiums globally and serves as a compelling tourist destination.

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium: A Cricketing Theatre

What truly sets Eden Garden Stadium apart is the electric atmosphere it conjures. The stadium’s passionate fans and their unwavering support create an environment that is nothing short of magical. With every seat filled to capacity during major cricket matches, Eden Garden Cricket Stadium becomes a cricketing theater, offering one of the most captivating experience featuring the ICC Cricket Legends competing for the win.

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium: A Look to the Future

In preparation for the ICC World Cup 2023, Eden Garden Stadium is undergoing a sweeping renovation. This ambitious project encompasses the construction of new stands, the installation of cutting-edge facilities, and enhancements to the existing infrastructure. Once this transformation is complete, Eden Garden Stadium will emerge as one of the most modern and state-of-the-art stadiums globally, setting new standards for the sport.

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Wrapping It Up!

Eden Garden Cricket Stadium, the “Cricket’s Grand Old Dame,” stands as a testament to cricket’s rich history and enduring legacy. Its storied past and promising future make it an exceptional venue for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As it prepares to host pivotal matches in the ICC World Cup 2023, Eden Garden Stadium promises to deliver unforgettable moments that will be etched in the annals of cricketing history.

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