Asia Cup 2023 Format: Venue, Teams, Schedule, and Predictions

In the cricketing world, the Asia Cup 2023 is an eagerly awaited tournament that brings together some of the best teams from Asia to compete for the prestigious title. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Asia Cup 2023, covering its schedule, format, venue, participating teams, squads, points table, live telecast information, and even a winning prediction.

Asia Cup 2023 Schedule

The Asia Cup 2023 schedule is an essential aspect for fans, as it dictates the dates of all the exciting matches. The tournament is set to take place over several weeks, with numerous thrilling encounters scheduled between the participating teams. The matches are distributed across various venues, allowing fans from different regions to witness the action live. Here is the detailed schedule.


Asia Cup 2023 Format

Understanding the tournament’s format is crucial to grasp how the teams will compete and advance to the later stages. The Asia Cup 2023 will follow a round-robin format, where all participating teams will face each other at least once. After the completion of the round-robin matches, the top-performing teams will progress to the knockout stages, comprising the semi-finals and the grand finale.

Asia Cup 2023 Venue

In 2023, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were set to co-host the Asia Cup cricket tournament. However, a venue dispute arose when team India decided not to play in Pakistan due to tensions between the two countries.

The venue for all the matches is as follows:

  • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
  • National cricket stadium, Karachi
  • Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Dambulla

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was left with the challenge of either finding a neutral location for the tournament or proceeding without India, which seemed unlikely. Eventually, it was confirmed that India would participate in the tournament but play their matches in Sri Lanka.

Participating Team Groups

The Asia Cup 2023 will witness the participation of some of the strongest cricketing nations in the Asian continent. The participating teams have selected their squads through a meticulous selection process, including a combination of seasoned veterans and promising young talents. There have been many thrilling matches in the former Asia Cups resulting in the win for the best teams. The squads are filled with star players from each country, making the tournament highly competitive and captivating for fans.

The teams are formed into the following groups:

Group 1Group 2
India Bangladesh
PakistanSri Lanka

Live Telecast

Cricket enthusiasts from around the world are eager to catch the live action of the Asia Cup 2023. Several leading sports networks and online streaming platforms have secured broadcasting rights for the tournament. Fans can tune in to watch their favorite teams compete in high-definition, ensuring they don’t miss any of the thrilling moments from the cricket extravaganza.

Former Asia Cup Winners

The following teams have won the Asia Cup previously through fierce competition with their rival teams.

YearWinner TeamRunner Up
2022Sri LankaPakistan
2014Sri LankaPakistan
2010IndiaSri Lanka
2008Sri LankaIndia
2004Sri LankaIndia
2000PakistanSri Lanka
1997Sri LankaIndia
1995IndiaSri Lanka
1990-91IndiaSri Lanka
1988IndiaSri Lanka
1986Sri LankaPakistan
1984IndiaSri Lanka


The Asia Cup 2023 promises to be a thrilling cricketing spectacle, bringing together the best teams from Asia to compete for glory. This article provided a comprehensive overview of the tournament, covering the schedule, format, venue, participating teams, squads, points table, live telecast details, and a winning prediction. Cricket fans can look forward to witnessing top-notch cricketing action as the teams battle it out to emerge victorious in the Asia Cup 2023.

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