Shooting Stars: The Top 10 Most Accurate NBA Three-Point Shooters of All Time

In the global of basketball, few talents captivate enthusiasts and depart an enduring effect pretty much like the ability to shoot the three-pointer. The NBA has visible its fair proportion of first-rate sharpshooters during its records, and in this newsletter, we will discover the pinnacle 10 most accurate three-point shooters of all time. From their precision to their grasp performances, these gamers have left an indelible mark on the game.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird, frequently called the “Hick from French Lick,” was a mythical Boston Celtics player regarded for his exceptional capturing potential. Bird’s terrific career three-point shooting percentage of 37.6% solidifies his location within the higher echelons of the NBA’s all-time first-rate shooters. His convenient launch, variety, and lethal accuracy made him a feared opponent and beloved in basketball history.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, the sharpshooting sensation from the Golden State Warriors, has revolutionized the game along with his unparalleled taking pictures talents. Broadly appearing as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, Curry’s professional three-factor capturing percentage stands at an amazing 43.3%. His lightning-brief release, unlimited range, and capability to hit pictures inside the most strain-packed situations have propelled him to the top of the document books.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen, a two-time NBA champion, showcased an impeccable taking pictures stroke at some point in his illustrious profession. Allen’s clean mechanics and steady shooting touch earned him popularity as one of the correct three-point shooters in NBA history. With a professional three-point taking pictures per cent of forty.0%, Allen proved time and time again that he may want to knock down photographs from anywhere at the court docket. 

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr, known for his exceptional capturing all through his playing days, transitioned seamlessly right into a successful education profession. As a player, Kerr’s three-point capturing prowess changed into remarkable, boasting a career three-point shooting percentage of 45.4%. His capability to knock down and take hold of pictures in vital moments, alongside his basketball IQ, makes him a true shooting celebrity of the NBA.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson, the opposite half of the Splash Brothers duo along with Stephen Curry, has established himself as one of the superior long-variety shooters in NBA records. Thompson’s easy taking pictures stroke and his splendid capability to catch heart on the on-the-spot have earned him a professional three-point shooting pictures per cent of 41.9%. His performances, together with his unforgettable 37-point area, have solidified his reputation as a shooting surprise.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller, a longtime Indiana Pacers participant, etched his name into NBA lore along with his wonderful taking pictures prowess. Miller’s short release and exceptional accuracy allowed him to hit countless take hold of pictures for the duration of his career. With a career three-factor shooting percentage of 39.5%, Miller’s potential to upward thrust to the occasion in stress-stuffed moments earned him a niche amongst the sport’s elite shooters.

Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver, famous for his textbook-capturing form, has always been one of the most accurate three-point shooters in the NBA. With a professional three-factor capturing a percentage of 42.9%, Korver’s potential to space the floor and knock down shots has made him a treasured asset to multiple teams throughout his profession. His determination to his craft and his taking pictures accuracy are simple.

Peja Stojaković

Peja Stojaković, a Serbian basketball icon, showcased his extremely good taking pictures capabilities for the duration of his time in the NBA. Stojaković’s fluid taking of pictures motion and his capability to attach from a lengthy variety allowed him to end up one of the optimum three-point shooters of his era. With a career three-point shooting percentage of 40.1%, Stojaković’s effect on the sport can not be overstated.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki, a towering figure in NBA history, possessed a completely unique capturing capacity that rejected his length. As a 7-footer, Nowitzki’s capturing stroke turned into a factor of splendour, with his signature fadeaway shot becoming his trademark circulate. Nowitzki’s career three-point taking pictures percentage of 38.Zero% exemplifies his taking pictures prowess and the impact he had on the sport as a flexible huge man.

Glen Rice

Glen Rice, a former NBA All-celebrity, left an indelible mark on the league along with his high-quality taking pictures skills. Rice’s easy-taking picture stroke and his potential to mild up the scoreboard earned him a reputation as one of the most fulfilling scorers and three-point shooters of his technology. With a career three-point capturing per cent of forty.0%, Rice rounds out our list of the NBA 10 most accurate three-point shooters of all time.


The capability to shoot the three-pointer with precision and accuracy is an ability that separates the coolest from the wonderful within the global of basketball. Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and others in this listing have showcased their taking pictures prowess, leaving a long-lasting legacy in the sport. Their extremely good accuracy from past the arc has not best-pleased fanatics but also cemented their status as many of the NBA’s all-time

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