6 Stars who shouldn’t win the 2024 Royal Rumble matches

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The Royal Rumble, a cornerstone of WWE’s annual calendar, is not just a match but a career catalyst. However, not every superstar benefits from this push. This detailed analysis explores why six stars who shouldn’t win the 2024 Royal Rumble matches, considering the implications for their careers and WWE’s storytelling dynamics.

Nia Jax: The Role of a Goliath

Nia Jax, a powerhouse in the women’s division, has always been a dominant force. Her physicality and presence make her an ideal obstacle for other wrestlers to overcome, rather than the victor of the Royal Rumble. Historically, WWE has used characters like Jax to enhance the drama of the Rumble rather than as winners. Her winning could be seen as predictable and might not add much to her character development. Instead, Jax could be used more effectively in storylines that highlight her strength and intimidation factor, creating memorable moments and rivalries within the division.

Jade Cargill: The Need for Gradual Growth

Jade Cargill’s meteoric rise in WWE is noteworthy. However, thrusting her into the spotlight with a Royal Rumble win might be too much, too soon. Cargill’s character and in-ring skills could benefit from a more gradual build. Allowing her to develop through feuds and smaller storylines would provide the necessary experience and fan engagement. A premature Rumble win could set unrealistic expectations and pressure, potentially hindering her long-term growth in WWE.

Jey Uso: Seeking New Horizons

Jey Uso’s journey in WWE has been a blend of tag team success and singles competition. Despite his popularity, his recent title shots have not culminated in victories. Winning the Royal Rumble might not significantly enhance his career trajectory. Instead, a storyline that diverges from his current path, such as a rivalry with his brother Jimmy or a pursuit of a mid-card title, could offer fresh and engaging content for the audience and new challenges for Uso.

Bianca Belair: Beyond the Championship

Bianca Belair, a former Royal Rumble winner, has been a consistent presence in the championship scene. Another Rumble victory could lead to redundancy in her storyline. It’s time for Belair to explore different aspects of her character beyond title pursuits. Engaging in non-title feuds, mentoring younger talent, or even a heel turn could provide a fresh perspective on her character and keep her involvement in WWE exciting and unpredictable.

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Brock Lesnar: The Part-Time Conundrum

Brock Lesnar’s part-time status and his history of big wins make another Royal Rumble victory unnecessary. Lesnar’s appearances are always impactful, but a Rumble win should be reserved for full-time talent who can benefit from the sustained push. Lesnar’s role could be more about enhancing big events and elevating other stars, rather than dominating the main event scene.

The Rock: A Legend’s Different Path

The Rock’s return to WWE is a major event in itself. His potential match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania doesn’t require a Royal Rumble win to be significant. The Rock’s victory could overshadow full-time talent who need the win to elevate their careers. His storyline with Reigns can focus on family rivalry and legacy, leaving the Rumble victory to a wrestler who can use it as a stepping stone to greater success.


The 2024 Royal Rumble is an opportunity for WWE to strategically elevate its talent and refresh its narratives. The six stars discussed, while integral to WWE, would benefit more from alternative storylines and roles rather than a Rumble win. This approach not only aids in their individual career development but also ensures a dynamic and engaging future for WWE, keeping the spotlight rotating among a diverse roster.


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